About My First House Guide

My First House Guide is a home improvement and strategy guide run heart and passion.

Providing opinion for those on the journey of selling or buying a property.

independent real estate expert
This is me, on the left-hand side of the photo with that Hawaiian shirt

But who I am?

Graduated BA(Hons) Interior Design in London (The UK) and straight after college, I opened my interior design studio. In the beginning, the road was bumpy but slowly step by step I was building my path.

In the second year, I enrolled to study Marketing and Psychology (remotely) and manage to graduate in the second year (of four). That decision was a turning point in my carrier as an interior designer has helped me to understand my clients and to create a thigh bond with every one of them. My studio was thriving and had plans to further develop it into something bigger—not only the typical design and build company.

The economic crisis downturn hit the architecture and design industry hard. Probably thanks to my creativity and hustle to do more than just design projects in 2008, I barely felt the power of this downturn. I had loads of projects in my pipeline and If fact it was the first year where I made a real profit of doing interior design (only one and a half years in).

Why I created this property blog?

Between 2008 and 2017 I worked on a number of real estates investment project, as an interior designer. I was helping different clients of mine to buy or sell their houses for a profit. With the years I realized that this is something that I was doing very well.
Since that moment I decided deliberately to spend the time to provide an opinion to enhance the value of the property and avoid traps to new homeowners or such trying to sell their house.

If you are a homeowner or about to become one, this site is for you.